DeepSpec Summer School 2018

I had the good fortune of attending the DeepSpec Summer School 2018 (DSSS18) at Princeton University this summer. There, I met leading researchers in the field, got to learn about some truly-impressive research and meet some incredibly smart and like-minded, verification-inclined people. I strongly you to checkout the materials on the repository, and the lectures (once they are posted) online.

Safepoints in OCaml

For an (initially daunting, but ultimately satisfying) mini-project for my Modern Compiler Design course, I implemented safepoints for OCaml. The resulting code (horribly organised) can be found on my GitHub and its write-up, which I am very proud of (except for the Excel graphics, but I was running out of patience and Tikz/Pgfplots did not seem like a pleasant adventure to embark upon in that state) can be found here. My hope is that this work will be merged into OCaml (in concept if not in code) soon and I will keep this post updated with any developments.